Sound Studio

We conceive sound as a narrative element that aims to create the perfect sound universe for each piece. Cinematographic Sound Studio with DTS and the only one approved by Dolby in Galicia.

Sound Design

We have the necessary imagination and skills to give your creation the touch you are looking for.

Direct Sound

We have direct sound equipment for all types of audiovisual projects.

Room effects (Foley)

Footsteps, movement or props, nothing is impossible for our Foley artist.

Dialogue Editing and ADR

Good editing makes a difference and it can even help you require less ADR.

Post-production Design

We will bring your idea to life using our creativity and the very latest technology.

Edition and Staging

Wide range of special effects that can be used whenever the project needs it.


Dolby License for Film and Television mixing in 2.0, 5.1.


Audio digitization in 35mm, MOD, Hi8, Betacam, UMATIC, DV, and DVCPRO formats

Collaboration is the key that allows us to move forward for a better future.