About us

We are the only film sound studio in Galicia approved by both Dolby and DTS. Although Cinemar Films is itself a young company (founded in 2008) our staff comprises a team of seasoned professionals with long experience in audiovisual production, making Cinemar an unquestioned leader in the field. Our facilities were designed by Philip Newell, a world-renowned engineer who has created prestigious sound studios in Europe and elsewhere. What’s more, thanks to both hard work and a considerable financial investment, our Film Mixing Room meets the uncompromising “Dolby Premier” requirements for top-of-the-line acoustic conditions. This standard of excellence was verified by Dolby’s own engineers when they personally inspected our facilities.

What we do

We cover all sound post-production processes (editing, foley, sound design, mixing and dubbing), and we have direct sound equipment for all types of audiovisual projects: from films and television programmes to adverts and infomercials. In other words, we cover all post-production sound processes. Our technicians are used to working in any sound process involving any audiovisual format. This familiarity facilitates the execution of both prior and complementary projects, and the treatment of sound in general. We strongly believe that it is this comprehensive know-how – along with the quality of our facilities – that sets us apart from most other sound studios.

How we do it

We have the necessary facilities and equipment for each type of project, and above all, the right professionals to achieve the desired result. At Cinemar Films, we conceive sound as providing a narrative, descriptive, and emotional element whose objective is the creation of a sound universe that is unique to each project. Cinemar Films has rooms with the necessary equipment to dub, as well as to create ADRs and Foley for film and broadcast, following the parameters of area and absorption that the “Majors” approve for meeting the highest standards of quality. We are the only studio in Galicia and – one of the few in all of Spain – with these kinds of facilities.